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Belarus to expand economic cooperation with Croatia

MINSK, BELARUS - AUGUST 15, 2016: Aerial view of the southwestern part of the Minsk with Palace of Sport and old and new other buildings. Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus.

Belarus is interested in further expanding a constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with Croatia in different fields.

“I would call Croatia terra incognita from the point of view of economic prospects for us,” said the Belarus Ambassador to Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Aleksandr Ponomarev, quoted by the Belarusian State news agency. “The same is true about Belarus which is still a poorly studied market for Croatia. The task for the Belarusian Embassy in Hungary to work in conjunction with Croatia in order to attract the attention of Belarusian businessmen, industrial and agricultural enterprises to the market.”

Belarus would like its businesses to look at Croatia not only as a tourism destination but also as a partner for business opportunities.

“We are interested in selling products with higher added value,” continued Mr Ponomarev. “For this, we need to study the market in-depth, analyse it, do full marketing research and, of course, invest in the certification of our products.”

In 2018 trade in goods between Belarus and Croatia amounted to 20.4 million euros. Belarus’ exports to Croatia include mineral or chemical potassic fertilisers, artificial and prepared waxes, plywood and new pneumatic tyres. Major goods supplied by Croatia to Belarus were medicine, shaving preparations, acrylic polymers and electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits.