Defeating Putin: Elsewhere in emerging Europe

Athens Greece - May 27 2016: Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers

Our weekly digest of articles about emerging Europe published elsewhere over the past few days, all of which caught our eye and all of which are well worth your time.

This week, we have selected some of the best writing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and how it impacts the rest of the region.

The strategy that can defeat Putin

Ideally, this conflict will end with the overthrow of Vladimir Putin, who bears singular responsibility for it not only morally but also politically.

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What we lose and what we don’t lose in Kyiv

Ukraine’s capital is a memorial not only to the sacrifice of the oppressed against greater odds, but also to willpower, dynamism and revival.

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Transnistria: The country that doesn’t exist but could shape the future of Russia and Europe

Squeezed between Ukraine and Moldova – but wishing it was part of Russia – the tiny enclave of Transnistria could be a crucial pawn in the current crisis.

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At pro-Russian Balkan rallies, a who’s who of the far-right

Far-right Serb organisations, some known to flirt with neo-Nazism, have rallied in support of the Kremlin’s vow to ‘denazify’ Ukraine, winning applause from like-minded groups in Russia.

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Ukrainians in race to save cultural heritage

Many believe destruction of cultural assets is part of Kremlin strategy to ‘erase’ Ukraine as independent sovereign state.

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As Jews huddle in Kyiv synagogue, Putin rains down bombs across their country

A matronly woman cradles her chihuahua as tightly as a gangster grips his Tommy gun. An old lady smiles from her chair beneath an oil painting of a grand old rabbi. Anna Sytnychenko, 40, holds hands with her five-year-old daughter. These are just part of the crowd packing the lobby of the Central Synagogue in Kyiv, waiting to get out.

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Kosovo says NATO, EU risk repeating Ukraine mistakes in Balkans

Losovo’s foreign minister believes Russia might seek to foment conflict in the Western Balkans to draw attention away from its devastating invasion of Ukraine and gain leverage over the West.

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Not just Putin: Most Russians support the war in Ukraine

There is something reassuring about the idea that the carnage in Ukraine is all down to the criminal insanity of one man. However, talk of “Mad Vlad” is a comforting myth that disguises a far darker reality.

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Hate for Putin’s Russia consumes Ukraine

Much of the bitterness is directed at President Vladimir Putin, but Ukrainians also chastise ordinary Russians, calling them complicit.

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History is brutally back, and Ukraine will test Europe’s appetite for the consequences

The EU’s vocation was to tear down walls and promote peace. Should it be a party to a conflict with a nuclear superpower?

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