Tusk: Nord Stream 2 is a Mistake

“Nord Stream 2 is a mistake and will not best serve European interests. It is against our strategic interests, our security, and also our rules [energy laws],” declared European Council President Donald Tusk at a joint press conference with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, at the 20th Ukraine-EU Summit in July.

“What is the geopolitical importance of it? It is simple. It is not a commercial project. It is not a profitable or economic project. It has no economic importance,” said President Poroshenko. “It is a geopolitical project aimed to weaken Ukraine. To do everything to leave Ukraine without profits from the existing gas transport system. It is also aimed at taking over 20 billion US dollars from the EU for the construction of an infrastructure project Europe doesn’t need,” he added.

The Ukrainian president also pointed out that implementation of Nord Stream 2 will completely erase the entire gas independence of Europe, as Europe will become more dependent in the gas sphere of the Russian Federation.

“Energy solidarity remains our common priority. We have reconfirmed Ukraine’s role as a strategic transit country, ensuring affordable, secure and sustainable gas supplies to the EU,” President Poroshenko said.

Donald Tusk added that Ukraine remains a strategic partner of European countries in energy matters – “a partner who will supply the necessary gas to European countries.”

The joint statement reaffirmed Ukraine’s role as a strategic transit country for gas, ensuring affordable, secure and sustainable supplies to the EU.