Romania will attempt to block its own candidate from becoming EU chief prosecutor

laura codruta kovesi

Romanian Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader has said that he will do all he can to block the appointment of a Romanian, Laura Codruța Kövesi (pictured above), as the European Union’s chief prosecutor.

“The European Union is clearly unaware of the abuses carried out by Ms Kövesi during her time as the head of the Romanian anti-corruption unit,” said Mr Toader. “I will be writing to all of the European ministers of justice to inform them as to why she was removed from office.”

During her spell as boss of the anti-corruption unit in Romania (the DNA) Ms Kövesi oversaw the successful prosecution of thousands of politicians and officials, including Liviu Dragnea, the country’s most powerful politician, which made her a target for the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition. She was fired on Mr Toader’s orders in July 2018, but has since sued the Romanian Ministry of Justice for wrongful dismissal. The case will be heard by the European Court for Human Rights later this year.

“Ms Kövesi was the most effective leader the DNA has ever had,” said Vlad Alexandrescu, a senator for the opposition Save Romania Union (USR). “During her time in office the DNA became a model in the fight against corruption, not just in Romania but in the whole of Europe. Her dismissal, which did not have the approval of the Council of Romanian Magistrates, had no basis in jurisprudence. The USR calls on the government, which likes to claim that it is patriotic, to support the candidacy of a fellow Romanian for this important European post.”

Ms Kövesi was named on February 4 as the preferred candidate for the EU prosecutor’s job, followed by Jean-Francois Bohnert of France and Andres Ritter, a German, on a short list of three. The final decision will be taken by the European Commission at the end of the month. The appointment must then be approved by the European parliament.


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  • With all due respect, not Romania will attempt but a gang of thieves and their beneficiaries which are working on destroying the few good achievements Romania has completed so far.

    Romanian Ministry of Justice is a sad example of a person which has been selected for his “flexibility” and greed in achieving proffesional statute and wealth by serving corupt politicians.

    All “proofs” for which DNA chief was accused were produced in one of the most corupted Romanian politician media Trust (Dan Voiculescu). Please note that Voiculescu and his gang of criminals have tangible and traceable connections to the comunist secret police (Securitate). Nowadays, in order to spread fog over their actions, exactly these hideous creatures are acusing young and uncorupted politicians of being the product of their corrupted system.

  • WRONG! Kovesi IS NOT Romania’s candidate, NEVER Romania can’t be represented by someone:
    – with PROVED accusation of PLAGIARISM,
    – with PROVED accusations of TRIPLE CONSTITUTION INFRINGEMENT (Constitutional Court dixit!),
    – with PROVED accusations about many personal abuses and other DNA prosecutors abuses covered,
    – with many personal trials for desk abusing, with TOO many PROVED IN JUSTICE accusations about politic police…

    Even the Romanian Minister of Justice accuse her about one looong list of PROVED abuses made by mrs. Kovesi!

    I expect the other two rivals (the german and the french one) to make complains against „romanian” candidate CV and actions in the line of duty…

    • You keep saying “proved” but have no idea what it means.

      There is no plagiarism “proved” against Kovesi she was cleared of the charges. Charges brought by the same corrupt party, with the most members convicted of corruption related crimes.

      The rest of your accusations are a jumble of propaganda mass-media and own interpretation.
      So, just to clarify: was she actually convicted of anything ? You know, like your employers, little troll .

      No? Oh well, I guess not everybody sells out so easily.

  • Not Romania.
    It’s just the Minister of Justice and, of course, the corrupt politicians at his back.
    You have to remember that this party came to absolute power in Romania when less than 40 percent of the registered voters turned up at the last Parliamentary elections. And this is just the latest of the several Governments they have installed since then.
    Several of the politicians elected were already convicted criminals when they ran for office. The leader of said party is one of them.
    Since they came to power the main concern was changing the laws of Justice so they can avoid prosecution they first tried and failed with amnesty, then they step by step changed the law by: partially legalizing conflict of interest, redefining abuse of power for state officials, erasing parliamentary incompatibilities, granting themselves super-immunity(not just for political declarations), there actually has to be a Parliament approval before a minister or former minister can even be legally accused and any trial started ..
    One of the measures they took, against popular desire and against presidential opposition, was to remove the Chief Prosecutor for the Anti-Corruption Agency based on a self-drafted “report” that was not sustained and criticized by the organisms set in place to actually perform these evaluations and provide traceability, responsibility and proper justifications.
    They did this with the help of the Constitutional Court which, despite it’s name, has it’s members politically named, and, through a law passed this year, has now complete immunity for ANY crimes committed, except if 2 thirds of their colleagues approve the trial 🙂

    These people are not joking, they are weak, corrupt, they are not afraid to mutilate our entire justice system to save themselves and they are in control of Romania due to parliamentary majority.

    These people now also hold the presidency of the EU.

  • Even here the thieves have payed “internauts”:

    “Even the Romanian Minister of Justice accuse her about one looong list of PROVED abuses made by mrs. Kovesi!”

    EU knows everything about this guy (Toader) and those who pay him, so that means nothing.

    EU knows the battle has to be done if they want Romania as a future trustful partner.

    So they have to support and trust her.
    And I bet they will.

    But please, don’t say Romania when you reffer to those having the power now. They represent only thieves and interests.

  • Mr. Justice Minister Taleb Toader is a member of the Venice Commission for the second time. The Minister of justice cannot give orders to the President of Romania and the President was the one who fired Codruta Kovesi. Kovesi not fought against corruption, she did only political police in favour of parties that lost parliamentary elections and she (together with prosecutors which she led ), has done serious abuses against ordinary citizens like Mariana Rarinca, Nela Secara, and so on. Codruta Kovesi was accused of plagiarism “only 4%” of her PhD work and she is a liar&false as big as her friend, the communist prosecutor Monica Macovei.

    • You are mistaken … Romania (any official institution) neither proposed nor support this candidacy. I also think it will be fair for Romania to withdraw from this treaty … if Ms. Kovesi (is she married?) is accepted as president or a lower ranked prosecutor in the new structure … because it is a great Offense for our Country and for the hundreds of Romanian citizen had been wrongly accused by this individual and her lackeys … politicians, businessmen, magistrates, journalists and ordinary citizens (one of these did 6 months jail because of Ms. Kovesi’s actions, before even being sentenced as … innocent). This is not an opinion (like the one presented in this article and tens other that Ms. Kovesi and friends payed to be publish in european and american PPE Media) it is a statement of fact … there are hundred of Court Decisions both internal and of CEDO, stating that the rights of the citizens she prosecuted have been gravely broken, many had been prosecuted for nothing they did, some had served jail time for nothing they did, based on non-existent facts, fake allegation, and fake / modified proofs. Romania now, has to pay millions of euro as damages to these victims of Ms. Kovesi, and that in no way compensate the Level of Abuse that this person accomplished. She is not Giovanni Falconi (or whatever) si is is the MAFIA … or a Relic teleported forward in time from the Age of Stalin. She is not suited to be a Prosecutor in the year 2019, or 3rd Millennium … she was FIRED for some of these and a lot more, like very poor management (ex. consuming millions of euro from state resources for recovering much lower damages (even 10x lower), which she also failed), defying the Romanian Constitution and other Laws, defying the Parliament, signing illegal protocols with the Secret Services, meeting with high-profile politicians in Election Pre-Day and so on. Ms. Kovesi created a True Mafia in the Romanain Prosecution, the General Prosecutor was her main Lackey and a critical number of prosecutors that could have voted to lose her immunity … had penal dossiers on standing … to be launch if they get out of line … the same tactic she used against judges as well … to get the type of Sentences she wanted … she had Full Immunity whatever she did … and now when past is catching up with her … wants this New Job … mainly of immunity purposes. So you see … you cannot accept Ms. Kovesi … without gravely Insulting and Disrespecting Romania … but i guess that’s not your main concern … insults and disrespect is what UE do … best … especially towards our country and our sovereign rights. But you are also Mocking the Justice System and what it represents … you are dooming this project from the beginning … you are regressing the Justice to the Stalin Age … if not Middle Ages … Ms. Kovesi is not a prosecutor is a witch-hunter … targeting people (not facts), blackmail and paying articles like this one is what she do, and what she always did. Her academic accomplishments are mediocre, and some proven fraud. As corruption goes … she accomplished nothing … Romania is nether more or less corrupt because of Kovesi, but is certainly a country where the human rights suffers, despite the propaganda machine … Romania is in the medium / average corruption category both in european and world ranks … we get nowhere near … to the huge corruption scandals hat had affected Germany and France in these last years … but you are just manipulative like that. As someone with an education and a vision toward the justice system … i can tell you … that the ‘anti-corruption’ phenomena … doesn’t belong in the Justice System but outside of it (legislation, education, press, civil movements) … any such polarized phenomena … will contaminated the Justice System, and eventually replace it … with something else … which is not Justice anymore! …:))

  • Mr. Craig Turp … form EmergingEurope … could we persuade you … to release another opinion … about the corruption allegations that Ms. Kovesi is facing … like Bribery, Abuse of Power and Perjury? It is this compatible with the ethical and moral standards of European Union’s prosecution? …:)) If so … you can have IT … best of luck! …:))